My Worst Advice: Being Down In The Dumps

\down in the dumpsWhen you are feeling lonely, frustrated, angry, sad, worthless, agitated, depressed, or any other negative feeling that you just can’t seem to shake…it will probably get worse before it gets better.

The reality of life is that sometimes we will like there is no digging out of the great hole that seems to be getting deeper and deeper everyday. But that is all part of challenging yourself, growing into a stronger person, and gaining experience in life. Read More


2 Types of People: Doers & Sayers

We have heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words” plenty of times, but that phrase like many other clichés are just part of our language storage and doesn’t usually get the full credit that they deserve. It wasn’t until recently when I was getting to know a coworker that this phrase began to really play into my view of people I interact with on a regular basis and those people that I meet.

It All Started When…

well done better than saidThe conversation I was having with my coworker we were chatting about what high school we went to, what year we graduated, and our free-time interests. It was then the next question he asked that threw me off, he asked what my zodiac sign was. Now I’m not one to really follow zodiac signs or horoscopes, but I know there are many people that follow that religiously. Read More

Waving To Strangers & Not Your Neighbors

Did you ever notice that? You will wave to a driver that allows you to merge. Or you will wave to a stranger that allows you to cross the street. But you never wave to your neighbors.

Not that I think we should all live in the illusion of Pleasantville in our neighborhoods but it would be nice to at least be cordial and friendly with those that live around us.

I have experience a number of new neighbors in my area in the last year and not one person has waved. Now maybe I have to come to the conclusion that I don’t seem friendly, I don’t know. Read More

#GivingTuesday: My Picks

Enough with the limited sales and over-eating days. I love the holiday season because you get to see a brief glimpse of most people’s positive and giving attitude. I have been trying to utilize this time of the year to encourage myself to make it more of a point to be in a “giving” mood all year long.

This year isn’t different. I am planning on focusing a lot of effort and time to give back to various organizations and my surrounding community to really make a difference. There are too many negative things and hateful events happening around our country. So I’ve decided to take time to try and drown out the negativity and focus on things that can truly make a difference.

Giving-Tues-LogoWhat’s Giving Tuesday?

Most people know about Black Friday deals and the younger generations are familiar with Cyber Monday for great deals online. But very few people know about Giving Tuesday. In the non-profit world, Giving Tuesday is a big part of annual goals to help create more awareness for charities during the holiday season.

Read More

Types Of Friends In Your 20’s

We all have them. Different kinds of friends that we can rely on during rough times, when you’re hitting up the bar, going on a road trip, and any other type of adventure you find yourself exploring.

As you enter your mid-20’s you usually find that less friends is the pattern of your social circle but it may be better that way. But as the years go on, you find that there are more layers of friendships with different types of friends you have in your 20’s that are part of your life. Read More