Less Friends = Easier On Your Brain

As you are getting older and you become an adult (gasp! I know scary), you tend to drift away from friends because of locations, jobs, schedules, relationship, etc. There are a number of reasons why people move on and take different paths but don’t lose sight of what is important.

Friends are like coins. When you’re a kid you would take 100 pennies to make a dollar, but as you get older you would probably want 4 quarters to make a dollar.

Look at your current friendships, really look at them. Who can you call RIGHT NOW and say you need help and you know they would be there immediately. My guess, is there aren’t that many if you’re lucky enough to even have one. However, I’m sure there are a few friends you can text and ask to meet up for some drinks this Friday night and they would be available.

Life is about quality, not quantity. Have quality friends in your life and then the fair-weather friends can come second. Work on your friendships that will last when you’re older. Life gets more complex and busy when you get older. Make sure to take the time to build on friendships that will matter the most when you need them for the long haul.

Also keep in mind once you get older you’re going to forget things more easily, so the less birthdays and names you have to remember is easier on your brain. Seriously though don’t worry about being popular with everyone, just be popular with your friends and they will be happy to have you around.


What is your "worst" advice?

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