4 Life Hacks For A More Productive Day

We’ve all had those days, when the hours become longer than your child’s ballet recital. Whether it’s when you drag your butt in from a long weekend on a Monday or you are anxiously waiting for that 5pm bell on a Friday afternoon. While I can’t help you shorten your time (I am still waiting for a time machine to be built), I can give you some life hacks that can help you be a bit more productive during the day, that can help time fly by.

It always seems that when you keep yourself busy and productive during the day, the time goes by quicker and your closing time comes faster than you thought. So setting yourself up for a productive work station can help you get into the zone and get shit done. Read More


2 Types of People: Doers & Sayers

We have heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words” plenty of times, but that phrase like many other clichés are just part of our language storage and doesn’t usually get the full credit that they deserve. It wasn’t until recently when I was getting to know a coworker that this phrase began to really play into my view of people I interact with on a regular basis and those people that I meet.

It All Started When…

well done better than saidThe conversation I was having with my coworker we were chatting about what high school we went to, what year we graduated, and our free-time interests. It was then the next question he asked that threw me off, he asked what my zodiac sign was. Now I’m not one to really follow zodiac signs or horoscopes, but I know there are many people that follow that religiously. Read More

When In Doubt, Grab A Beer or Blanket

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.33.36 PMI’m not someone to come home from work and say, “Man I need a beer”, but I will sometimes elect to grab a blanket and plop on the couch. But sometimes when life is good (or bad) people have a tendency to always gravitate towards alcohol.

Now don’t get me wrong or judge me, I love beer. Seriously my friends and I always check our beers in on Untappd when we’re out together to see who got the latest badge. But sometimes isn’t it ideal to put down the bottle and grab a blanket instead?

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Start Where You Are

Really love this advice and motivation. Being a runner myself…it is so true that the first step is always the first. Set goals and try to hit them. If you fall short the first time, kick the goal out of the water next time. Be patience with everything in your life, everything happens when it is just right. So let it happen.

Life is a Beautiful Struggle

Need some inspiration this morning? Sometimes being selfish with your needs and aspirations is what you need to succeed. Put your goals first and don’t look back.

Things will happen in life and you will be upset, angry, happy, sad, and everything in between. But make the most of it. Take charge and live YOUR life. It’s a privilege for everyone else in it.

Work to make you day better and achieve your goals that will make you happy. Because after all, if you can’t make yourself happy, you can make anyone else happy either. Spread some happiness.

Maine Thoughts

Trust your Journey Trust your Journey

At times do you ever feel that you’re carrying the world on your shoulders? You want to achieve your set goals so badly, please your family, friends, prove doubters wrong, but then you realise that you’re placing too much pressure on yourself. Admittedly, this has been the case for me. I have had many days where I have felt so exhausted because I am worrying too much, trying to please family, friends and make them proud of me, just so they don’t think I’m a failure. But then I asked myself: “Why am I stressing myself like this?”, I could never really understand why, but I just felt like I needed to… “It’s All or Nothing”“Failure is not an Option”, those were the only justifiable answers I kept saying to myself over and over again in my head. Even so, failure should never…

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