2 Types of People: Doers & Sayers

We have heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words” plenty of times, but that phrase like many other clichés are just part of our language storage and doesn’t usually get the full credit that they deserve. It wasn’t until recently when I was getting to know a coworker that this phrase began to really play into my view of people I interact with on a regular basis and those people that I meet.

It All Started When…

well done better than saidThe conversation I was having with my coworker we were chatting about what high school we went to, what year we graduated, and our free-time interests. It was then the next question he asked that threw me off, he asked what my zodiac sign was. Now I’m not one to really follow zodiac signs or horoscopes, but I know there are many people that follow that religiously.

It intrigued me immediately and I told him my sign and we began to have a conversation about characteristics and tendencies our respective signs usually followed. He mentioned that my sign often follows the path of letting actions speak louder than words, both from my actions but the actions of others. When he said that it was a revelation that I haven’t had recently. That short, simple cliché made so much sense and explained a lot of my perception of people around me.

A Week Later…

So after I was in deep thought about our conversation about zodiac signs, I began to recognize some of the features he had mentioned about my sign. Now I am not a skeptic of zodiac signs, but I’ve just kind of been neutral and also I have said in the past that there is bound to be some type of feature from every zodiac symbol that every one can relate to. So I have never really thought about those features truly being part of my life, but that insightful and interesting conversation really made me start thinker.

actions aare louder than wordsAs I recognized more actions around me that shaped my perception, I began to realize that types of people can be simplified based on two kinds. The “doers” and the “sayers”. Pretty self-explanatory, the doers are people that idolize Nike and just do it. And the sayers are those that say that it will happen but it always seem to stay in the conversation but is never put into fruition.

The “Doers”

These people are usually driven by the desire to feel that they have accomplished something either by themselves or with a team. They will often be leaders in a group of people and will lead by example. When showing others how to do something they will sometimes have a tendency to just stop the person from doing it and finish it themselves knowing they have a more efficient way of getting the task accomplished.

While they may have few words to say, when they do speak it is usually information that is pertinent to the task at hand and getting something accomplished. Sometimes these people will need time to think about things before they do it and usually aren’t swayed by others to do it differently.

The “Sayers”

These people will like the feeling of a social environment with others. They like to be able to sit down and discuss things to the full potential. They will talk so much about it that they get tired of talking about it and begin to forget the true meaning of the conversation. They will usually think they are leading by example, but instead they have a tendency to lose the interest of others that are waiting for the results to appear.

They also do a very good job of creating excuses for the lack of accomplishment. They will insist that they will get it done, but will dissect the task at hand and wait for the “doer” to come along and finish it up. The “sayers” will often times play out all of the scenarios in front of them but never actually deliver at the end.


While I have made some very generalizations here I know that there is much more to people and the perception of people around me. But after realizing that I react more to actions rather than words, it is clear that there are those that create action and there are those that talk about action. Instead of talking so much I think some of us need to take the time to finish what we are talking about without talking. Get out there and #inspire yourself and others to DO that resolution for the New Year and stop TELLING people about it.

Virginia Buechel My Worst AdviceVirginia Buechel – @BueWho

Raised and still living in New Jersey, Virginia has a knack for trying new projects and adventures. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors behind a camera or creating new social media projects, she keeps herself busy.

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