My Worst Advice Contributors


(in no particular order)

Virginia Buechel My Worst AdviceVirginia Buechel – @BueWho

Raised and still living in New Jersey, Virginia has a knack for trying new projects and adventures. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors behind a camera or creating new social media projects, she keeps herself busy.

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elisabeth toftElisabeth Toft – @ElevatedLocals

Either she is working on a totally awesome new project in NYC or she is on the slopes shredding up the latest snowfall. Elisabeth likes adventure and will go anywhere for it, just take a look at some of the sweet trips she goes on.

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CelesteContributorCeleste Seymore – @CelesteSeymore

Fresh out of college. Earning a degree in adulthood and being awesome. Also earning a Master’s degree. Hobbies include: wine. Getting her own blog on while writing about her adventures down in South Carolina and beyond.

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