7 Unspoken Rules of Visiting the Jersey Shore

Alright, so before we begin, let’s get the stereotypes out of the way. Those that live in New Jersey are not all about the gold chain, GTL (gym, tan, and laundry), being in the mob, always being at a diner, or having big hair. While some of that may be true – especially the part about diners – going “down the shore” is big part of our culture that speaks volumes about our beloved state. We may be the most hated state in the US, but New Jersey has a lot to offer that some people may not see because they don’t know how to act in our state.

jersey shore unspoken rulesMost-Hated State in the USA

One thing is for certain, we are particular about our beaches and going to the shore. So if you mess that part of your trip up, it’s not our fault we don’t like you. You just don’t know the unspoken rules of the Jersey Shore. And believe me when I say, we KNOW when you’re not from Jersey. So regardless of how many hours you spend learning about the shore and boardwalk before visiting, just know, we always know where to find the “out-of-staters”. Read More


Entrepreneurial Ingenuity…

A police officer found a perfect hiding place for watching for speeding motorists.

One day, the officer was amazed when everyone was under the speed limit, so he investigated and found the problem.

A 10 year old boy was standing on the side of the road with a huge hand-painted sign that said “RADAR TRAP AHEAD.”

A little more investigative work led the officer to the boy’s accomplice. He found another boy about 100 yards beyond the radar trap holding up a sign reading “TIPS,” with a bucket at his feet full of change!

Just goes to show you can always make a bad situation better with some business ideas in mind.

The Worst Advice for Snowboarding

Guest Elisabeth Toft (aka Elevated Locals) is a new contributor to My Worst Advice. A really rad chick living in NYC and shredding mountains whenever she can she gives us some of her best “worst” advice for snowboarding.Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 3.34.17 PM

Back in the Day

elevated localssnowboarding youngAfter skiing for 6 years as a kid it was decided that I was to become a snowboarder. Snowboards were fairly new and my dad (a ski instructor) got me a board according to my height, 5’8.

Back then, you would pick the length of your skis based on how tall you were (among other things). This was not quite the deal with snowboards in 1993. I was 11 and I was learning to ride on a 167 Rossignol. Read More

I’m A Geek & Embrace It

I’m a complete a total geek. I admit it. My close friends know it. My family knows it. I know and I embrace it.

I used to play online games in college. If I had more time today, I would continue to play. I play Call Of Duty. I’m a huge fan technology like Apple and GoPro.

My friends and family usually come to me with technical questions when it comes to their phones, computers, or cameras. Those that care about me the most know that I’m a total geek and that’s important.

Being a geek is great because I’m passionate about things that not everyone else. It’s part of what makes me up as a person. Show off your geekiness, it’s part of what makes up your character.

Types Of Friends In Your 20’s

We all have them. Different kinds of friends that we can rely on during rough times, when you’re hitting up the bar, going on a road trip, and any other type of adventure you find yourself exploring.

As you enter your mid-20’s you usually find that less friends is the pattern of your social circle but it may be better that way. But as the years go on, you find that there are more layers of friendships with different types of friends you have in your 20’s that are part of your life. Read More