Ever Notice Luck Comes In Waves…

Recently had some bad luck roll my way with some materialistic things happen that cost me some big bucks. While it was becoming frustrating every where I turned there was another bill, sometimes that’s just way your luck comes about. I kept telling myself that I was thankful enough to have the means to pay my bills while also having a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my stomach.

I can’t even tell you when it began, but there it was right after the holiday season it seemed like things were just building up for the worse. One thing right away the other and I was getting bogged down for a while.

While I think many things can be avoided in life with good decision-making, there are other things out of your control that just come with some bad luck. It seems to come in waves too.

One thing happens you recover and BAM!! another things hits you in the face. You’re dropped below the surface with no time to breathe.

When you come up for air WACK! another things slaps you in the back.

These waves that keep coming don’t seem to be slowing down. And then, out of no where, a surfboard floats in your direction and you say, man now would be a good time to learn to surf. So you jump on and work your way through it.

You teach yourself that perseverance can help you get through it and get to shore. I’m still waiting for my damn surfboard.

Things have been good as of late, but knowing there’s a possibility for that next wave to hit keeps me on my toes. #justkeepswimming


One comment

  1. steevbeed · February 16, 2015

    Just keep swimming sums up life in general at the moment. Keep your chin up!

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