#GivingTuesday: My Picks

Enough with the limited sales and over-eating days. I love the holiday season because you get to see a brief glimpse of most people’s positive and giving attitude. I have been trying to utilize this time of the year to encourage myself to make it more of a point to be in a “giving” mood all year long.

This year isn’t different. I am planning on focusing a lot of effort and time to give back to various organizations and my surrounding community to really make a difference. There are too many negative things and hateful events happening around our country. So I’ve decided to take time to try and drown out the negativity and focus on things that can truly make a difference.

Giving-Tues-LogoWhat’s Giving Tuesday?

Most people know about Black Friday deals and the younger generations are familiar with Cyber Monday for great deals online. But very few people know about Giving Tuesday. In the non-profit world, Giving Tuesday is a big part of annual goals to help create more awareness for charities during the holiday season.

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I’m A Geek & Embrace It

I’m a complete a total geek. I admit it. My close friends know it. My family knows it. I know and I embrace it.

I used to play online games in college. If I had more time today, I would continue to play. I play Call Of Duty. I’m a huge fan technology like Apple and GoPro.

My friends and family usually come to me with technical questions when it comes to their phones, computers, or cameras. Those that care about me the most know that I’m a total geek and that’s important.

Being a geek is great because I’m passionate about things that not everyone else. It’s part of what makes me up as a person. Show off your geekiness, it’s part of what makes up your character.

Looking For Guest Bloggers!

I really like the idea of me supplying you with my worst advice on a regular basis but I know there are always other out there that have some great experiences too!

I’m looking for anyone that would be willing to guest blog (anonymous is an option!) with their experiences or story that can help all of us just open our eyes a bit more to what is around us.

I know there are “spammy” guest bloggers out there looking for links to their site etc. but that’s not what I’m about. I’m all about making connections and getting some greta experience with your worst advice! Feel free to contact me or comment below!

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Enough Is Enough

Couldn’t agree more. The changes in the NFL are never going to directly affect the general public. But the general public can affect the NFL. Buying less tickets, watching less games, purchasing less memorabilia. Is that really going to happen? Probably not.

It is important to note that the NFL think they are society’s role model and needs to get this issue right. Um, hello? Where have you been NFL? Domestic violence has been a large part of society for decades and you are just starting to get a little dose of it. So wake up and do what is right. You’re behind this movement so step up and start taking the lead. Instead of reaction there needs to be action.

The Scoop Sports

When is it going to end?

Andrew Weber - US Presswire Andrew Weber – US Presswire

When is the off-field violence going to end? Are these “warriors” who fight for us on the gridiron being given a fair shake? Is society asking too much for them to just be able to turn off that “killer instinct” when the clock hits zero?

I say yes, they are being given a fair shake. It is a choice. 

Agree with me, disagree with me, or hate me. The fact is that we all have a choice. Free will. It is the ability to choose an action that WE determine. WE are in control. Up until that moment when we aren’t. (But even then, it is our choice to go through with that out-of-control action.)

The fact of the matter is that we all lose our cool. We may utter a profane word, throw something or smash something. Anger…

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