Impact of Small Changes

In the New Year I am trying to be a bit more open minded about changing things in my life, that may not seem like a big deal, but can be.

For example, last year at the ring in of the New Year I changed the way I parted my hair. GASP! I know big deal right? Well it didn’t seem like that big of a deal at the time and was more of a nuisance really.

But since I’ve made that change, my hair has dried and styled much better. In fact my hairdresser said that it looked better. Now most of your reading this don’t know me but I’m a very simple person when it comes to my hair so it’s kinda a big deal when something like this happens.

small changes in lifeI don’t own a hair dryer, I use my girlfriend’s. I don’t have hair spray or any products for that matter, besides my shampoo and conditioner in my shower. So that slight change really made a difference in the way I felt about wearing my hair down more often, rather in the tomboy, ponytail I’ve sported for 15 years.

So since I saw such a huge impact a small change like that can have on my outlook on everything around me, I’ve decided to change another small piece of my life in 2015.

I’ve switched the desk position and layout at my office at work. WOAH! I know big deal right? Well it may seem small at the moment but who knows, maybe it can help me be more productive and have a better work flow at work. Only time will tell. Till than I’ll keep rocking my new part in my hair!


What is your "worst" advice?

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