4 Life Hacks For A More Productive Day

We’ve all had those days, when the hours become longer than your child’s ballet recital. Whether it’s when you drag your butt in from a long weekend on a Monday or you are anxiously waiting for that 5pm bell on a Friday afternoon. While I can’t help you shorten your time (I am still waiting for a time machine to be built), I can give you some life hacks that can help you be a bit more productive during the day, that can help time fly by.

It always seems that when you keep yourself busy and productive during the day, the time goes by quicker and your closing time comes faster than you thought. So setting yourself up for a productive work station can help you get into the zone and get shit done. Read More


Open Letter: My Worst Advice for Sara Bareilles

First off this is not a negative or trolling letter whatsoever, so if you are thrown off by the title I suggest you leave or read this to help you understand my purpose. I’m also not a “special” fan that wants a wish to come true, but instead just another listener and admirer of Sara Bareilles. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for Sara for her courage and great example she sets for the future generation. As part of my 2015 mantra I’m going to reach out to inspirational people that have made even a small impact in my life and encourage them to keep in inspiring those around them. This is my #Inspire Open Letter to her to start 2015. Read More

My Worst Advice: Women’s Snowboarding Gear 2015

The New Year is here and along with 2015 comes with a new snowboarding season you know I just HAVE to share some of my latest gear and products that the fat man left behind for me and how I like them so far. Some of them have been bought and used lightly but the full potential will be updated at the end of the 2015 season. Read More


Starting To #Inspire in 2015

So I’ve debating the new hashtag project I should undertake in 2015 recently and the answer came to me through a Christmas gift I had received from my mom. She was kind enough to give me a Giving Key necklace that has an old skeleton key attached with the word “INSPIRE” inscribed on it. Read More


New Year Hashtag Project?

So you may read that I had a mantra in 2014 with #winning. As the New Year approaches I have to think of a new approach to life hashtag to live by. I have a few ideas so far but I wanted some feedback. Read More