#GivingTuesday: My Picks

Enough with the limited sales and over-eating days. I love the holiday season because you get to see a brief glimpse of most people’s positive and giving attitude. I have been trying to utilize this time of the year to encourage myself to make it more of a point to be in a “giving” mood all year long.

This year isn’t different. I am planning on focusing a lot of effort and time to give back to various organizations and my surrounding community to really make a difference. There are too many negative things and hateful events happening around our country. So I’ve decided to take time to try and drown out the negativity and focus on things that can truly make a difference.

Giving-Tues-LogoWhat’s Giving Tuesday?

Most people know about Black Friday deals and the younger generations are familiar with Cyber Monday for great deals online. But very few people know about Giving Tuesday. In the non-profit world, Giving Tuesday is a big part of annual goals to help create more awareness for charities during the holiday season.

This year I will be participating in Giving Tuesday by encouraging you and your friends to pick a non-profit or organization that you believe in and give back. Whether you are going to donate money or your time, it’s time to make a difference. This year I have some of my favorite picks for organizations and charities that I work with or donate to that can truly make a difference in our community as a nation.

Chill Foundation

This organization is near and dear to my heart. Founded by Jake Burton and Donna Carpenter (owners of Burton Snowboards), Chill is a organization that helps underprivileged youth developer life skills and character building exercises through the avenue of board sports. I have been involved as a volunteer since 2012 and have the pleasure and appreciation to be part of a great cause.

chill foundation

It’s far beyond teaching kids to snowboard by rather to help them work towards a new goal and have fun while doing. Allowing them to experience something that they otherwise would never be able to do. They get to meet new friends and have amazing opportunities to better their character develop. From being there first hand, I can honestly say they joy that you see in the kids faces when they successful ride down a mountain is a sight that can never be duplicated. Be sure to check out Chill and if you feel encouraged to make a difference check out the local NYC Chapter that I am involved with.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Another great cause that I encourage you to consider for your Giving Tuesday, is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. One of my favorite charities to give back to, St. Jude has an amazing reputation to help find cures for children’s cancer, while also giving to families suffering for childhood cancer. This great charity has been a focal point for a few years with me starting with the Warrior Dash races I have been involved with. Be sure to check them out and give back with St. Jude.

Wounded Warrior Project

Another great cause to take a look at is the Wounded Warrior Project. Helping wounded soldiers returning from their service with debilitating injuries, the Wounded Warrior Project assists wounded veterans and their families with rehabilitation programs. The organization also educates the public about wounded veterans and making sure they are not forgotten for their sacrifices for our freedoms back home. Be sure to check out the Wounded Warrior Project and give back to those that keep us safe.

Together we can make a difference, so end the year with a helping hand with your community around you and start the New Year with some new goals to give back and make a difference.


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