Waving To Strangers & Not Your Neighbors

Did you ever notice that? You will wave to a driver that allows you to merge. Or you will wave to a stranger that allows you to cross the street. But you never wave to your neighbors.

Not that I think we should all live in the illusion of Pleasantville in our neighborhoods but it would be nice to at least be cordial and friendly with those that live around us.

I have experience a number of new neighbors in my area in the last year and not one person has waved. Now maybe I have to come to the conclusion that I don’t seem friendly, I don’t know.

But I am out in front of my house all year around doing projects, yard work, shoveling, walking my dog, running and washing my car. There are plenty of opportunities for me to converse with my neighbors but I feel like it is a unspoken rule that you don’t interact unless you HAVE to, like someone’s car is parked in the way or your mailman accidentally gives them your mail.

So instead of worrying so much about “thanking” fellow drivers on the road with a simple wave, I think we need to focus more on waving to those that live around us. After all, they know where we live.



  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning · December 9, 2014

    Sad but true. If there is any consolation the smaller populations centres (in Canada anyways) still have a “be friendly to your neighbour vibe”. I live in a small hamlet of around 500 people, and it is great. However the larger cities are far different.

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    • My Worst Advice · December 9, 2014

      I love to hear that humanity is still out there. I live in a suburb but people still seem stiff in the area. That gives me hope!

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  2. Sandi · December 9, 2014

    Within my neighborhood, people do wave — but I admit that I usually wait for the other person to make the first move as far as interacting beyond a wave. I am much nicer to virtual neighbors than to real neighbors. *hangs head in shame*

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