New Year Hashtag Project?

So you may read that I had a mantra in 2014 with #winning. As the New Year approaches I have to think of a new approach to life hashtag to live by. I have a few ideas so far but I wanted some feedback. Read More


7 Signs You’re Obsessed With Social Media

social media obsessionAs an online marketer social media obsession comes naturally and with open-arms in my mind. I am constantly using it as a tool for businesses, but seeing the different advantages (and disadvantages) play out in front of my eyes every day can drive you a bit wild. I must admit sometimes I just want to shut everything out.

I think the oneĀ feature that constantly pulls me back every time I think of shutting out, is how small it makes the world. I think it is fascinating that you can connect and communicate with millions of people in an instant with a like or comment. You can jump into a new culture or perspective with a few clicks.

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Looking For Guest Bloggers!

I really like the idea of me supplying you with my worst advice on a regular basis but I know there are always other out there that have some great experiences too!

I’m looking for anyone that would be willing to guest blog (anonymous is an option!) with their experiences or story that can help all of us just open our eyes a bit more to what is around us.

I know there are “spammy” guest bloggers out there looking for links to their site etc. but that’s not what I’m about. I’m all about making connections and getting some greta experience with your worst advice! Feel free to contact me or comment below!

SUBMIT Your Worst Advice Here

You can also SUBMIT your advice too!

Any Tweeters Out There?

I’m always looking for new, real people to follow on Twitter. While news, brands, and sports teams are great, they are never a true connection.

Any fun bloggers out there that are on Twitter comment below with your profile link! I love to follow photographers, adventurers, explorers, social media enthusiasts, and the occasional Yankees or Seahawks fan is a plus!

Feel free to follow me back, I mostly post about photos, sports, social media, tech, and of course all about #winning! Don’t worry no selfies here!