4 Life Hacks For A More Productive Day

We’ve all had those days, when the hours become longer than your child’s ballet recital. Whether it’s when you drag your butt in from a long weekend on a Monday or you are anxiously waiting for that 5pm bell on a Friday afternoon. While I can’t help you shorten your time (I am still waiting for a time machine to be built), I can give you some life hacks that can help you be a bit more productive during the day, that can help time fly by.

It always seems that when you keep yourself busy and productive during the day, the time goes by quicker and your closing time comes faster than you thought. So setting yourself up for a productive work station can help you get into the zone and get shit done. Read More


New Workout Regimens Suck, The First Time

workout regimenI have been wanting to start a new workout regimen the last few weeks with the new season upon us with shorter days and colder temperatures.

The worst about starting a new workout regimen is just that, starting it. I finally just simply set my alarm clock for earlier in the morning to get up and hop on my bike in the morning. It was hard getting up almost an hour earlier but it was so worth it.

Some tips I’ve found that work when starting a new workout regimen and staying motivated enough to continue it are below. Feel free to share your own by commenting below. Read More