Ever Notice Luck Comes In Waves…

Recently had some bad luck roll my way with some materialistic things happen that cost me some big bucks. While it was becoming frustrating every where I turned there was another bill, sometimes that’s just way your luck comes about. I kept telling myself that I was thankful enough to have the means to pay my bills while also having a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my stomach.

I can’t even tell you when it began, but there it was right after the holiday season it seemed like things were just building up for the worse. One thing right away the other and I was getting bogged down for a while.

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Types Of Friends In Your 20’s

We all have them. Different kinds of friends that we can rely on during rough times, when you’re hitting up the bar, going on a road trip, and any other type of adventure you find yourself exploring.

As you enter your mid-20’s you usually find that less friends is the pattern of your social circle but it may be better that way. But as the years go on, you find that there are more layers of friendships with different types of friends you have in your 20’s that are part of your life. Read More

Everyone Dies, Not Too Many People Live

“Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.” ― Andrew Sachs

If this quote doesn’t really get you up and get you on your own adventure, I don’t know what will. Yes we occasionally wake up hungover, tired, sick, in pain, and many other things but those are a small blip on the map.

Use your Monday Motivation to get out there and start living life. Whether that is rock climbing in the southwest, walking your dog down the street, meeting friends for coffee, or going to the movies. Get out there and do something different.

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Types Of Athletes’ Insane Parents

Warning: Athletes you will totally understand this.

We all know growing up we are our parents’s favorite player on the field or court when playing sports. As we continue through grade school, to travel teams, to competitive summer leagues, and varsity teams in high school, sports integrate into every day life. We live it, breathe it, and our extra time outside school is usually spent doing it.

parents on sidelinesBefore we get our licenses, our parents are usually the ones schlepping us around from practice to games to tournaments and to private lessons. They become so involved and invested in our teams just as much as we do. They spend the time and usually lots of money to make sure we have the proper equipment, uniforms, and pay the team fees.

So it’s no wonder that we come across the many different species of parents when it comes to watching their children play sports and rooting them on.

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Why the “Worst” Advice?

So I don’t want to sound negative I’m not a negative person, (in fact I’m pretty positive) but “My Worst Advice” is a place where you can twist the content into your own life. Advice from one person to another is always interpreted different by the receiver than it was meant by the giver.

Without getting all philosophical on you, it’s as simple as this: I’m a young adult with a lot of growing up to still do but I’ve had a lot of different out of the norm experiences in my life thus far. From parents divorcing at a young age, dealing with teen depression, coming out to my family, and other “stuff” that seemingly gets in the way of life.

But it’s just that, that “stuff” doesn’t get in the way of life, it is life.

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