3 Words That Aren’t Used Enough

Too many times there are fantastic words that fall through the cracks of our culture and society. Just like bringing retro colors back from the 80’s, I am going to petition to bring back these words just because of their awesomeness.

“Wigging Out”

Don’t ask me why I used this the other day. I have no idea, but once it slipped past my lips, I said to myself damn I should use that more often. When someone is “wigging out” it usually refers to freaking out or they are anxious about something. You usually get an uncomfortable feeling when someone is wigging out around you because you can’t quite get them to come back down to reality and calm down.

According to Urban Dictionary “wigging out” refers to a freak out or to start freaking out. Usually when inebriated under a variety of substances. Check out the history of search trends for “wigging out”. According to Google the term reached it’s potential back in June 2012. It also seems like the United States are responsible for using this term, go figure. We need to roll times back to June 2012 or I will start wigging out about.

Google Trends Wigging Out

United State Wigging Out


When I say this word, not only do I feel a bit of spring in my step but I feel like royalty. According to Urban Dictionary “chipper” refers to feeling happy or chirpy. Usually when I hear people using the phrase “chipper” they don’t actually mean they are happy but rather they are using it sarcastically. So I think it’s about time we change that.

Google Trends show that “chipper” reached it’s peak in July 2012 but has been dying off since then. We need to change that and feel chipper more and meaning it more often. Of course the top location for the phrase to be used is in Ireland, specifically in Dublin, followed by the United States. According to the forecast, the phrase is going to be used a bit less in 2015. But I think we should change that.

Google Trends Chipper

Chipper Regional Trends


Whenever I spew this one out I feel like I should break a brick wall with my foot or flex my muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are going to describe something big, you minds well do it in style. According to Urban Dictionary “colossal” is when something is unusually or impressively large. It can also refer to something being very impressive or great. While it can also refer to a male’s bits, “colossal” is a word for the ages.

Just check out Google Trends on “colossal” and how much history and reference is behind it. Most of the history is based on a squid that was found in February 2007. According to forecasts the phrase is going to continue it’s climb into popularity. There are several countries around the world beside the United States using it.

Google Trends Colossal

United States Colossal

To start of the New Year I’m taking some of these words and inserting them into my vocabulary. You have be warned. You’re welcome.

What other phrases or words need to be used more?

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