Types Of Friends In Your 20’s

We all have them. Different kinds of friends that we can rely on during rough times, when you’re hitting up the bar, going on a road trip, and any other type of adventure you find yourself exploring.

As you enter your mid-20’s you usually find that less friends is the pattern of your social circle but it may be better that way. But as the years go on, you find that there are more layers of friendships with different types of friends you have in your 20’s that are part of your life.

I’ve found that there are different types of friends that serve different roles in your life especially in your 20’s and it seems that everyone is accepting these types as known truths.

1. The Daily Dose

This circle of friends usually consist of 2-3 people you talk to on a daily basis. Usually you are texting them at least once a day and catching up on your daily plans. Or you are all in a group message that consists of pictures of daily adventures or funny meme’s to make fun of each other.

The “daily dose” friends usually will be the first to wish you a happy birthday, the ones that know what you’re doing every weekend, and the ones that know EXACTLY what to order you at the bar every time you go out together. Their names in your phone most likely have emojis attached to them and you have them on speed dial.

2. The Weekender

This is group of friends are usually an extension of your daily dose friends, but ones that you get together with usually on the weekends. You will go out of your way to make sure that these 5-10 friends all get together at the same bar or event so you can catch up with your regular lives.

The “weekender” friend know most of your life story and you all love getting together because you haven’t seen each other in a few weeks. You often enjoy their company when you’re with them but come Monday morning the most interaction you have are the “likes” on their Facebook pictures from the weekend.

3. The Blue Mooner

This friend is the one that you will randomly think about while driving home from work and decide to text them later on to see how they are doing. Usually you have a short conversation and see how they are doing and make sure they don’t forget about you.

You often come back to conversations about past memories with them. Occasionally your plans fall in place and you get together for a simple lunch or dinner to catch up and reassure that of each other’s existence. The blue mooner doesn’t come around often but when they do you make the most of it.

4. The Spontaneous

These friends are ones that you both mutually understand that your very rarely see each other and when you do it usually isn’t planned. When you contact them to hang out 2 hours before you’re leaving to go out, they usually are available. You know you can count on them to drop everything and randomly get together.

You get really excited to hear that they are going to meet you out and spend the evening with you. You get to catch up on things and have a great time. But when the night is over, you’re not quite sure the next time you’ll see them but you still say “we should do this more often” at the end of the night.

5. The Hidden, But Not Forgotten

Everyone always has at least one of these friends. You haven’t seen them since your high school graduation but when you randomly get together with them you both fall right back into where you left off. Even if you both have gained 20 pounds or have gone bald, you see them in the same light as you remember them.

When you do get together you usually reminisce the memories you had together. You can also easily catch up with each other because you know each other’s family very well and know each other’s story. Once you do get together with them you both usually make a conscious effort to hang out more often.

6. The Bailer

This friend never fails to disappoint you time after time. When you go out of your way to make plans with them, something always comes up the morning of and they can’t make it. You can even go through elaborate planning for something but they always find a way to bail out last minute leaving you in the dust.

Once you realize that this is a pattern, you stop inviting them to do things completely. When they finally try to make plans with you, you want to get revenge and cancel but you rise above it and decide to meet up. Only to find out the morning of your plans SURPRISE!  they cancel on you again. Just stop it.


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