About “My Worst Advice”


My Worst Advice was started with the intention of providing people with good advice, but make people think about how they can interpret the advice into their own life. Sometimes when we get advice, people start by saying, “My best advice…yadda yadda…” and we use that as our only option.

Advice Should Make Your Think, Not Decide

While having a caring friend give you advice is great, you have to remember the situation is about you. Sometimes we have a tendency to forget that each situation in life is based on you and your choices. Don’t let those pieces of advice take over your whole way of thinking. You know what’s best for you.

You don’t always have to take advice, but listening to it doesn’t hurt. Take pieces of advice, like you would add ingredients to a recipe. It’s just a small part of the bigger picture.

What Worst Advice To Expect

Instead of reading a blog named “My Renowned Advice” and expecting some huge revelation in life, this advice won’t solve all your problems, but maybe it can help and make you think. We would rather have you say “Nope, you’re wrong”, “Oh, yea that’s a great point” or even “What?”, than not have some options.

The way I look at it, if it’s the worst advice I can give you then you can only get better advice out there. I promise to give you the best advice from my experience. – @BueWho, My Worst Advice Creator

Got Your Own Advice To Give?

We are always reaching out for new contributors and different advice givers. So feel free to contact us or submit your own worst advice on any topics you want to share about. Check out our contributors page so you can see what awesome worst advice givers we have!