Open Letter: My Worst Advice for Sara Bareilles

First off this is not a negative or trolling letter whatsoever, so if you are thrown off by the title I suggest you leave or read this to help you understand my purpose. I’m also not a “special” fan that wants a wish to come true, but instead just another listener and admirer of Sara Bareilles. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for Sara for her courage and great example she sets for the future generation. As part of my 2015 mantra I’m going to reach out to inspirational people that have made even a small impact in my life and encourage them to keep in inspiring those around them. This is my #Inspire Open Letter to her to start 2015.

Heyyy Sara,


First off just want to get really fan-crazy on you, your concert in Radio City Music Hall in October 2013, was amazing. My mom heard on the radio that morning you would be playing there and we rushed to grabbed two tickets that night and you didn’t disappoint at all! So thank you for the great entertainment and one of the most memorable concerts I’ve been to!


Now, I want to tell you some of my worst advice about moving forward with your career and your role in our society. My worst advice is, don’t change. Everything you do now is really important to those that follow you and listen to your music.


You are a genuine person and your kindness for your fans really shines through your music but more importantly how you carry yourself. With the courage to take on gay rights and equality in our society is really commendable in a society where girls weren’t voting a few generations ago. As a gay woman in our society I am humbled and appreciative to see advocates like yourself that take a stand for what is right and continue to push the envelope in equality in our society. So for that I thank you.


As a mid-20-something year old in your concert crowd, I can understand why I was surrounded by teenie-boppers and their moms. Not only do you set an example for them, but you encourage them to be themselves. The admiration they show for you is also reflected in the moms that were clapping and dancing right along with them. Those parents and myself recognize that you give the younger generations reasons why they should be themselves. That is reflected by the lead you take on being a strong and confident woman.


So my best advice for you is to NOT STOP. No, I’m not talking about music, because I realize that sometimes you just need a break, but I’m encouraging your to not stop being YOURSELF. Your personality and outlook on your opportunities in front of you are astounding and I’m looking forward to seeing where you travel to next. So don’t stop moving and take my worst advice and never change. Everything else is up to you. Thank you for your role-model status (and of course your music!) and don’t stop. Sing on!


Thanks, Virginia


Virginia Buechel My Worst AdviceVirginia Buechel – @BueWho

Raised and still living in New Jersey, Virginia has a knack for trying new projects and adventures. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors behind a camera or creating new social media projects, she keeps herself busy.

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  1. solitarypaganwitch · January 7, 2015

    I love this! I am HUGE, HUGE fan or Sara Bareilles and I agree wholeheartedly. My 9 year old daughter listens to her music all the time and comes to me with these gigantic “lessons” that she learns from Sara’s songs and it makes me so happy that there are still genuine, worthy role models in the music industry. I, like you, hope she doesn’t change who she is because I feel she has so much more to give her fans. Thanks for this post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • My Worst Advice · January 7, 2015

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that you have a little one that sees the benefit in Sara’s songs! Really makes me happy! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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