My Worst Advice: Women’s Snowboarding Gear 2015

The New Year is here and along with 2015 comes with a new snowboarding season you know I just HAVE to share some of my latest gear and products that the fat man left behind for me and how I like them so far. Some of them have been bought and used lightly but the full potential will be updated at the end of the 2015 season.

Burton Women’s Rider Backpack – Ikat Stripe

With the new winter here and I’m patiently waiting for freshies to drop, getting a new pack for riding was a necessity for the GoPro accessories and mounts I will be using on the slopes. I have a backpack I use for riding but this new larger one from Burton will allow me to carry all of the gear, snacks, and drinks I will need for a full day on the slopes. The Women’s Rider Backpack from Burton is a great new accessory with it’s spacious compartments, horizontal/vertical board carrying capabilities, and the women’s fit is a great plus with supportive straps. The shoulder straps conform really well for a women’s fit and sit well on my back. I’m looking forward to using this on the slopes this year. I will be sure to check back with an update.

EDIT: Great backpack and I love it more and more every day. I feel like I keep finding more pockets I can stuff things into! Being a photographer, I love that I can stash all of my GoPro gear and mounts with plenty of room to spare for water, food, and extra layers. Great bag and great quality with the LifeTime Warranty.

Burton Women's Rider Backpack

GoPole Reach 14-40″ Extension Pole

This year Santa was kind enough to hook me up with my most exciting GoPro camera mount. The GoPole Reach Extension Pole reaches lengths of up to 40″ while also compact enough to cram down to a mere 14″ which can easily fit in most adventure packs. While I will be excited to use this on the slopes while hitting features and some deep powder, I’m also excited to bring this new toy with my on summer adventures hiking and canoeing too. Although I’m not a fan of #selfies I think this can be something that we rule out if I’m able to get some epic shredding #selfies.

UPDATE: This product has been returned and will not be purchased again. When I first opened this the thumb screw thread was wrong and wouldn’t tighten the camera. I had to ask them for a new one. Then a plastic piece separated and I had to crazy glue it. Then right before I took it for it’s first run, the entire bottom handle removed from the rest of the pole. Good thing I was on the lift, otherwise bye-bye GoPro. Needless to say this product is not worth $55.

GoPole Reach 14-40

Burton Women’s Pipe Gloves – Blotto Shibuya Crossing

I have been waiting anxiously the last year or so to grab onto these. These sweet Women’s Pipe Gloves by Burton are great for spring conditions, shoveling, and tailgating during the chilly winter months. Personally I would rather be using them during the snowboarding conditions, but either way I’ve found they are a true to fit and have a great quality to them. When they get wet on the palm they still keep my hands dry and warm on the inside. The whole palm on the glove is touchscreen adaptive so I can grab a call or change my tracks while riding. I love the minimal design and fun designs they have to offer. Definitely a great grab for any rider during the warmer months.

EDIT: These gloves are one of my favorite pairs I’ve ever owned. Whether I’m instructing and just need a thin layer or I’m shoveling fresh powder, these gloves do the job! I can’t wait to buy another pair next year, I beat them up pretty well this year!

Burton Women's Pipe Glove

Hot Chilly’s Women’s Micro-Elite Chamois 8K Crewneck

Without a good base layer, your day can come to an end very quickly and very chilly. Instead I gear up with Hot Chilly’s Women’s Micro-Elite base layers both top and bottom to keep my body warm and dry with it’s sweat-wicking technology. I’ve been using Hot Chillys base layers for about a decade now and I won’t go back to anything else. They are comfortable, non-restricting, and warm layers that keep me going all day on the slopes. They are true to fit, but sometimes the sleeves on the shirts seem to be a bit long or maybe I have short arms. I usually like to pull the sleeves up a bit so my wrists aren’t constricted.

Women's Micro-Elite Chamois 8K Crewneck

SmartWool Women’s PhD Snowboard Medium Socks

Just like Hot Chillys I have been using SmartWool Women’s Snowboard Socks for quite some time and I just keep coming back. I’ve tried the trendy sock companies and their fun designs, but the performance just never matches up to SmartWool. The warmth and wicking fabric that keeps my feet dry and toasty all day just doesn’t compare to the more expensive brands. In my last 10 years of riding I’ve only had to wear foot warmers once during a -15° day in Vermont and even then it was more preventative. I used to wear sock liners before I found SmartWool socks and my feet used to get clammy feeling, but since I’ve used these my feet have been warm and dry every run.

Women's PhD® Snowboard Medium Socks

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