The Dreaded TSA & The Reason I Travel Safely

security at airports
While traveling this weekend I had a brief experience that kinda irked me.

While patiently waiting in line to go through security at the airport, there was a TSA Officer that asked if anyone needed help. A gentleman, no correction, some idiot, goes “Yea, I wish I didn’t have to stand on this line and we could speed things up.”

After I would’ve blown the lid if I was the TSA Officer, he simply replied, “Well at least this isn’t your job to stand here all day.” And the impatient and ignorant traveler goes, “At least you’re getting paid to be here.”

To that the TSA Officer decided to quickly shut the man up by saying his wife makes more money by selling craft items in a mall.

To the man who decided to be THAT guy, I hope you realize that TSA is meant to keep you, you’re precious family, friends, and every other free American safe at the airport and in the air. Shut your pie hole.


7 Unspoken Rules of Visiting the Jersey Shore

Alright, so before we begin, let’s get the stereotypes out of the way. Those that live in New Jersey are not all about the gold chain, GTL (gym, tan, and laundry), being in the mob, always being at a diner, or having big hair. While some of that may be true – especially the part about diners – going “down the shore” is big part of our culture that speaks volumes about our beloved state. We may be the most hated state in the US, but New Jersey has a lot to offer that some people may not see because they don’t know how to act in our state.

jersey shore unspoken rulesMost-Hated State in the USA

One thing is for certain, we are particular about our beaches and going to the shore. So if you mess that part of your trip up, it’s not our fault we don’t like you. You just don’t know the unspoken rules of the Jersey Shore. And believe me when I say, we KNOW when you’re not from Jersey. So regardless of how many hours you spend learning about the shore and boardwalk before visiting, just know, we always know where to find the “out-of-staters”. Read More