Start Where You Are

Really love this advice and motivation. Being a runner myself…it is so true that the first step is always the first. Set goals and try to hit them. If you fall short the first time, kick the goal out of the water next time. Be patience with everything in your life, everything happens when it is just right. So let it happen.


Dear NFL,

I could get over the fact your pink gear sold in October doesn’t go to breast cancer research but rather all cancer research and that over 50% profits go back in your pocket.

But I can’t get over that you are entirely way too soft on core moral issues like domestic violence and child abuse.

Take a look in the mirror. You are a business and should hold yourself to higher standards. But maybe action will only take place once your sponsorships and cash flow stop. After all, money talks.

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Types Of Athletes’ Insane Parents

Warning: Athletes you will totally understand this.

We all know growing up we are our parents’s favorite player on the field or court when playing sports. As we continue through grade school, to travel teams, to competitive summer leagues, and varsity teams in high school, sports integrate into every day life. We live it, breathe it, and our extra time outside school is usually spent doing it.

parents on sidelinesBefore we get our licenses, our parents are usually the ones schlepping us around from practice to games to tournaments and to private lessons. They become so involved and invested in our teams just as much as we do. They spend the time and usually lots of money to make sure we have the proper equipment, uniforms, and pay the team fees.

So it’s no wonder that we come across the many different species of parents when it comes to watching their children play sports and rooting them on.

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