4 Life Hacks For A More Productive Day

We’ve all had those days, when the hours become longer than your child’s ballet recital. Whether it’s when you drag your butt in from a long weekend on a Monday or you are anxiously waiting for that 5pm bell on a Friday afternoon. While I can’t help you shorten your time (I am still waiting for a time machine to be built), I can give you some life hacks that can help you be a bit more productive during the day, that can help time fly by.

It always seems that when you keep yourself busy and productive during the day, the time goes by quicker and your closing time comes faster than you thought. So setting yourself up for a productive work station can help you get into the zone and get shit done.

Life Hacks for Being More Productive

  1. standing deskTry Standing – If you are working on your computer and have the ability to use a standing desk or go to a counter and do some work this may help you get your work-flow juices going. I’ve been using a standing desk recently and it has worked wonders. I have been weaning out any caffeine drinks during the day and the overall health of your body will improve too. There are studies that show there are several benefits to being elevated when you work, as opposed to slouched down at a desk all day long. According the Smithsonian, there have been some studies suggesting lower mortality rate and decrease in cardiovascular disease. Some things to keep in mind, wear comfortable shoes and invest in a soft gel foot pad to reduce fatigue during the day. I’ve found that using a standing desk allows me to continuous move and keep my mind focused.
  2. Go Full Screen – I’ve found that the little clock in the right top corner of my Mac is distracting when I’m craving for the day to end. So instead continuously checking the clock, I’ve been putting my screen into a full screen display whenever I can. Depending on the projects I’m working on, it’s a bit difficult to do that, but I try to whenever I can. On Apple Computers it it easy to enter and exit full screen display by simply pressing “control-command-F”. This has helped me stay focused and eliminate any distractions like music, other programs, and that pesky “slow-moving” clock.using full screen on mac
  3. Starting Jamming Out – If you don’t like to or not allowed to listen to music during the workday, then bypass this hack to #4. I’ve found when I have to begin a writing project, I am able to stay more focused when I have some good jams on. I tend to keep the music low-key but upbeat. I find that when I have a good beat going, I’m able to synced up my typing rhythm. My production increases because I get in a groove literally and figuratively. I’ve found there are some great workday playlists (longer than 7 hours) created on Spotify that can contribute to a day full of great upbeat music. Having a full day of music already set is another benefit because I don’t have to worry about changing the music up when I begin repeating.workday playlists via Spotify
  4. Look Out & Beyond – Unfortunately some people don’t have the luxury of looking out a window at all during the day, which can hurt your productivity for most people. Being exposed to sunlight and natural light during the day can help you stay alert during the day and lead a healthier life. According to Northwestern University, there was a study that concluded those exposed to natural light during their work day were able to sleep an average of 46 minutes more per night than those not exposed. Getting more sleep is always a plus by me. The study also concluded that those that had natural light in their office building also engaged in a more active lifestyle.

Find your Groove for a Productive Day

Some of the above suggestions can be difficult depending on your work place environment, but there are some smaller things that you can begin with and try out. While they are focused on being productive, the tips can also help greatly with your overall mental and physical health. The important part is to find what works for YOU. What you thing you can realistically change to help your day be a bit more productive and in turn go by a little faster.

Virginia Buechel My Worst AdviceVirginia Buechel – @BueWho

Raised and still living in New Jersey, Virginia has a knack for trying new projects and adventures. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors behind a camera or creating new social media projects, she keeps herself busy.

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