My Worst Advice: How To Get The Job!

Hello all you lovely smiling faces!

Today, my guest post on My Worst Advice is all about getting a job! I say this because as a recent graduate, and having landed myself somehow in two jobs, I have a thing or two to share about this! Please note before I begin my tale that I am not licensed to give any advice. I’m not a therapist, nor a professional job helper-getter. I am simply a 24 year old who has gotten herself two jobs. So, brace yourself kids because here we go!

Here’s my worst advice for finding a job:

• If you’re about to graduate college, start looking for jobs early! Chances are there won’t be a ton available, but it never hurts to make some phone calls and meet some faces. If you’re graduating in May, and you start looking for jobs in March, you may find that jobs are scarcer than wine after I go to Target! I give you this nugget from experience. I didn’t have a big person job after graduating college, I was a nanny for a couple months after graduation. This is okay as well, because a job is better than no job! Looking back, I wish I had started looking earlier. Do as I say, not as I do, children!

• If you’re not graduating yet, than for the love of everything holy, get out there and get some internships. This is something I really wish I had done, as being the local bar’s resident keg stand champ doesn’t really count as an internship. As my Dad has always said, people remember faces better than names. Even if you’re getting people coffee all day, you do it with a smile, and they may just remember that smiling face when hiring time comes around!

• When you do start browsing about the world wide web for jobs, please know that you have my sympathy, because it is the worst. There’s nothing more defeating than browsing job hunting sites all day, and feeling like you’re nothing but a name in a digital pile of applications. But unfortunately, we live in a world where we use the internet for everything, so it does seem like job hunting is included in that.

• Be aware that unless you’ve had some relevant experience, your resume is going to look a little sad. I remember making my resume, and the experience section was completely blank. Nothing like paying for 4 years of good ole education and seeing that. After awhile I started feeling like this:my worst advice getting a job

• Instead of dwelling on the fact that your lack of experience is making you want to curl up in a very small ball and cry, try to focus on the experience you have else where! This is where those internships come in handy, kids! Any kind of volunteering or relevant class experience is better than a big section of nothing.

• Look on multiple job hunting sites! Getting a job is like online dating (and don’t give me that look, we’ve all done it) you may have to look in more than one place. I recommend sites like or . And make sure you check these sites frequently! New jobs are being posted all the time, and it’s kind of like the Hunger Games out there kids.

• For the Love of God, please make yourself a grown up Facebook- AKA Linkedin. Linkedin is an amazing way to connect with companies you’re interested in. Again, the more exposure the better.

• Clean that college Facebook up. Because employers love looking there now! While you may be very proud of that record breaking keg stand you did that one Saturday night, employers may find it less than enticing. Your Facebook should not resemble a Ke$ha song.

Whew! That was all very boring. But now to the good stuff! You finally got the golden interview! Now what?

• Know where you’re going for this interview and make a billion calendar reminders for it. Being late is not optional here. • Know where you’re going before the interview. Drive to the location a couple days beforehand and know which roads you’re going to take!

• Dress sharp, again not like Ke$ha video. Looking the part is half the battle. Wash your clothes, brush your hair, iron the wrinkles, and brush those teeth.

• Bring some mints, and possibly extra deodorant. If you’re like me, you sweat like mad when you’re nervous.

• Have good posture! Sit up straight in the interview.

• Make eye contact!!!! Even if you’re on the verge of wetting yourself, eye contact helps make you look confident. • A firm handshake is a must- and its okay to practice this before. I’ve done it!

• When the interview is over, thank the interviewer, and follow up with a Thank You note! This can be either written or a quick email. It just helps to create a lasting impression.

From here, you hopefully will get the job! If you don’t, don’t be too hard on yourself. Job hunting ain’t easy. Pick yourself up and keep looking. If you do get the job, then YAY! Call Mom and Dad, and then head off to the bar for a celebratory drink! Just don’t put it on Facebook ☺ I hope this has helped somewhat, campers! The only thing I’m licensed to do is drive a vehicle, but I have done my fair share of job hunting. Please also feel free to contact me at

CelesteContributorCeleste Seymore – @CelesteSeymore

Fresh out of college. Earning a degree in adulthood and being awesome. Also earning a Master’s degree. Hobbies include: wine. Getting her ownblog on while writing about her adventures down in South Carolina and beyond.

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  1. annieemmy · February 21, 2015

    I would also add that when you’re being interviewed, familiarize yourself with the company and ASK QUESTIONS at the end. This makes it look like you’ve done some research and are really serious about landing a job with THEM… interviewers love that. Also, when looking for jobs, don’t avoid applying for certain ones just because you don’t meet ALL the qualifications. NO ONE is going to meet ALL the qualifications… but it still doesn’t hurt to apply. If you get an interview and they ask about your lack of experience in a certain area, be up front and tell them you don’t know much about that but you’re certainly willing to learn. 🙂 Great post, by the way. Awesome tips!

    Liked by 1 person

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