Starting To #Inspire in 2015

So I’ve debating the new hashtag project I should undertake in 2015 recently and the answer came to me through a Christmas gift I had received from my mom. She was kind enough to give me a Giving Key necklace that has an old skeleton key attached with the word “INSPIRE” inscribed on it.

That sparked my new hashtag project for 2015, after retiring my #winning project for 2014. It’s funny that I was given a necklace with my new mantra on it, but it’s even more coincidental that it was from the Giving Key company. A little background of the Giving Key company is that they are working on paying it forward.

#inspireNot only is the company a US Made company (huge plus in my book), but they also strive to help homeless citizens by giving them jobs at their company and help them succeed. Also the purpose behind the Giving Key necklaces is to give it to someone in your lifetime that may need that moment of motivation reflected on your necklace.

So heading into 2015 with the mantra of #inspire and my new necklace in hand, I’m prepared to find inspiration in everything I do in life and continue to give back to the community around me. I urge you and your family to find something that can help you inspire those around you to continue good in the world around us. Because if we can’t work together, then why do we call it a community.

Community: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.


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