7 Signs You’re Obsessed With Social Media

social media obsessionAs an online marketer social media obsession comes naturally and with open-arms in my mind. I am constantly using it as a tool for businesses, but seeing the different advantages (and disadvantages) play out in front of my eyes every day can drive you a bit wild. I must admit sometimes I just want to shut everything out.

I think the one feature that constantly pulls me back every time I think of shutting out, is how small it makes the world. I think it is fascinating that you can connect and communicate with millions of people in an instant with a like or comment. You can jump into a new culture or perspective with a few clicks.

In today’s world we have of tendency of only using a small amount of power that social media possesses. Usually we will connect, follow, or friend people we have gone to school with, work with, or those who are part of the family. But why limit yourself to people you already know. Expand your horizons and broaden your reach with other people you normally wouldn’t have to ability to connect with.

That’s my take on it and that’s what I try to do especially through my Instagram account. *Shameless plug* Onward to signs to know that you are obsessed with social media.

1. Your Friends Ask You About Sites

You know you have a bit of an obsession when your friends start to ask you about new features or new social media channels. You are their direct source of the social media world and the beacon they rely on when they don’t know where to like, retweet, poke, or any other action.

2. #Hashtags Anyone?

hashtag obsessionWhen you start using hashtags in text message conversations can be somewhat overlooked when you are constantly posting to Twitter or Instagram and you’re used to typing them out. But it gets to be a bit concerning when you use them in spoken conversation. Which I do quite often, #winning!

3. App Happy

You are so obsessed with social media that you find you have to make an app folder on your smartphone just to house all of our app for you social networks. Personally I only have 12 apps currently on my phone for social media but I know that is somewhat conservative compared to others.

4. What Filter Will I Use?

When you go to snap a photo of the place your visiting or of something “artsy” you always think about the best angle and filters you can use on your Instagram once you post it. When you are ready to post your picture to your HUGE Instagram audience of 78 people (most of whom you know from high school and they are just stalking you) you decide that #nofilter is much better than any filter.

5. You Don’t Just “Check” In

When you go out with friends to a new bar you HAVE to be the first one to check in. But you don’t just simply check in, you make sure to get a fantastic group photo (after 10 takes you finally are pleased with it) and tag everyone in the picture and have a long-winded status update to go along with it.

6. “Tweet Me” or “Friend Me”

When you have make new connections through your friends, you always slip in something like “tweet me” or “friend me” in the conversation. While you both just laugh it off, you know secretly deep inside you’re saying “No seriously follow me, I have almost 50 followers on Twitter!”

7. Waiting For That Verified Check

verified social mediaWhile it’s probably a long-shot, that’s what dreams are for right? You know that you’re not super famous but you secretly keep in mind there is a slight chance in the future that I can become a “verified” user on one of the major social networks. So you just keep in mind you want to have the best profile picture ready!



  1. Sandi · November 22, 2014

    Hey, I didn’t come off as badly as I thought I would: only #2 and #4 really apply. I like hashtags, even though apparently it’s unnatural for people in my age bracket (very slightly over 50) to use hashtags. And I do think about the Instagram thing. Not being hooked on Twitter is probably helping me, and I’m a little paranoid about the checking in thing. But I have a SERIOUS WordPress addiction. This, too, shall pass??

    Liked by 1 person

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