New Workout Regimens Suck, The First Time

workout regimenI have been wanting to start a new workout regimen the last few weeks with the new season upon us with shorter days and colder temperatures.

The worst about starting a new workout regimen is just that, starting it. I finally just simply set my alarm clock for earlier in the morning to get up and hop on my bike in the morning. It was hard getting up almost an hour earlier but it was so worth it.

Some tips I’ve found that work when starting a new workout regimen and staying motivated enough to continue it are below. Feel free to share your own by commenting below.

Make It Fool Proof

Structuring your new workout regimen is important to make sure that there are no loops for you to find to avoid completing your goal. Maybe write down how many reps you are going to complete. It makes it more realistic to see your goals in front of you.

Accept Your Routine

If you are really looking to make your new workout a regular thing, don’t think of it as a new errand or task you have to complete. Try to make it part of your every day routine as much as possible so you begin to regularly complete it just like you would brushing your teeth.

new workout regimen motivationMotivate Yourself

This is probably one of the most difficult tasks when starting new workout programs. When you want to keep yourself motivated perhaps you set a date for yourself to complete a new goal of lifting a certain weight or you create a spreadsheet of your running times.

Tell People About It

If you tell a few close friends or family members about your new routine it makes it a bit more realistic and makes it set in stone. They may later on ask you about it and how it’s going which can continue to press more motivation into your mind to live up to it.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, stay in shape, get healthy, train for a marathon, or another fitness goal it is important to stay on task with your goals. Remember you are doing it for no one else but you, so be sure to find the right tools and strategies to keep it a reality and not something you will just do “tomorrow”.


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