The Never-Ending Toilet Seat Argument

Whether you’re a girl or a boy, there’s always comes a time when the infamous “toilet seat argument” comes into play.

This is usually how it goes:


Thanks for letting my ass fall in the toilet and get soaked in toilet water! You forgot to put the seat down, AGAIN!


Sorry, at least I lifted the seat so that pee wouldn’t get on it. Maybe girls should just lift the seat when they’re done with it!


Well maybe if we didn’t have to use toilet paper our bathroom trip would be as easy as yours. How hard is it to just put the seat down when you’re finished?

toilet seat argumentThis needs to stop, not only is it annoying but it’s childlike. I have a perfect solution to the toilet seat problem. The seat and lid should just ALWAYS be closed.

Whether you’re a girl or boy, just put the seat and the lid down when you’re finished. it’s so much easier that way everyone has the same amount of responsibility when they go to the bathroom.

By the way, they make fancy toilet seats now with a spring in them so the lid and seat will lower slowly without slamming. Totally worth the money!


What is your "worst" advice?

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