Karma…Do You Know Her?

karmaYea, she’s a bitch that girl Karma. She’ll be all nice to you when you are with her and then BOOM! she stabs you in the back the second you walk away. Let’s face it, we should all de-friend her on Facebook and block her from Twitter.

All I ever do is try to make her happy and stay positive about things in life to show her I care. And then sometimes she return the favor. But the second something goes awry, she’s like a bat out of hell causing the next big headache. I have good times with her but I’ve had bad ones too.

It’s funny, some people believe in God’s destiny, some people believe in fate, some people believe in the “way the world works”, some people people believe in karma, some people believe solely on their own choices, some people also believe everything comes in three’s. I like to think of myself as a complete hybrid of all of those things.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~ Wayne Dyer

I think there is a certain influence of fate we have in my life, I also believe that karma’s a bitch, and I also have control of the things I do.

Karma-25826Sometimes there are things that we just really can’t control at all, like a flat tire while going full speed on a highway. But we try to find an explanation as to why something like that happens. Whether it was the realistic there was a nail in the tire or maybe that karma is catching up to us for something we’ve done.

It’s exciting and also challenging when karma comes into your life. So instead of making excuses for the bad things, I like to think that bad things just happen to everyone. But it’s important to stay positive about the good things that happen and “blame” karma for those.

So until I have a reason to not believe in karma, I’m going to keep doing some good for others and hope that it will come around down the line. Stay in the positive about everything and you won’t remember the bad things, only the good things.

How do you think your life events are influenced? Do you worry about what you do today may catch up with you tomorrow?

Sometimes taking a step back and redefining how your life unfolds can help your outlook for the future.


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  1. mira65 · November 6, 2014

    That was very good!

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