Life is a Beautiful Struggle

Need some inspiration this morning? Sometimes being selfish with your needs and aspirations is what you need to succeed. Put your goals first and don’t look back.

Things will happen in life and you will be upset, angry, happy, sad, and everything in between. But make the most of it. Take charge and live YOUR life. It’s a privilege for everyone else in it.

Work to make you day better and achieve your goals that will make you happy. Because after all, if you can’t make yourself happy, you can make anyone else happy either. Spread some happiness.

Maine Thoughts

Trust your Journey Trust your Journey

At times do you ever feel that you’re carrying the world on your shoulders? You want to achieve your set goals so badly, please your family, friends, prove doubters wrong, but then you realise that you’re placing too much pressure on yourself. Admittedly, this has been the case for me. I have had many days where I have felt so exhausted because I am worrying too much, trying to please family, friends and make them proud of me, just so they don’t think I’m a failure. But then I asked myself: “Why am I stressing myself like this?”, I could never really understand why, but I just felt like I needed to… “It’s All or Nothing”“Failure is not an Option”, those were the only justifiable answers I kept saying to myself over and over again in my head. Even so, failure should never…

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