Dear NFL,

I could get over the fact your pink gear sold in October doesn’t go to breast cancer research but rather all cancer research and that over 50% profits go back in your pocket.

But I can’t get over that you are entirely way too soft on core moral issues like domestic violence and child abuse.

Take a look in the mirror. You are a business and should hold yourself to higher standards. But maybe action will only take place once your sponsorships and cash flow stop. After all, money talks.

Get your priorities straight.

No the blame doesn’t just fall on the commissioner, but also the front office, owners, coaches, and players. It’s disturbing that no one has stood up for what is right.

As a female fan you should be ashamed of yourself. Women make up a large portion of your fans. Sometimes we are bigger fans than our male counterparts and you have essentially slapped us right in the face too.

Get your head in the right place, this is life. With the millions of women, men, and children that watch football and idolize players, teams, and coaches, what kind of message are you sending. That it is socially acceptable to hit your partner or child, because you are an NFL player and will wait for due process.

Take action and rise above what is in the rule books and do what is expected of you before it happens. Take a stand against violence. If it can help just one person, don’t you think that is a good enough start?

A Female Fan


What is your "worst" advice?

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