Here’s Why I’m Not Afraid Of Terrorism

So living during the age of terrorism across the world and at home in the US can be scary. In 2001, when that fateful day in NYC, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania occurred I was only in 6th grade. While that may seem like a young age to really understand the magnitude of what had happened, it really changed my whole life and everything I had known before about our country.

In today’s world, a top threat to countries is terrorism. It cannot be labeled or tracked easily. It has become the center of many first world countries’ security priorities. It has creeped into everyone’s thoughts of traveling in the air. It has influenced the way we look at different types of people. It has created more wars and military action throughout the world. Plain and simple terrorism has changed the world as we know it.

I’d be lying to say that the new threats and events that are happening around the world don’t concern me. I think it is a constant awareness that society needs to know about. But I am not afraid.

Creating fear in the minds of the people is what terrorism is all about.

Resisting the fear that terrorism tries to induce is difficult and sometimes impossible. But feeding into and changing things you do constantly is not in my character.

I don’t let it affect my life and here’s why. Yes, I understand the threat of terrorism is a big one and I make sure to stay up on news but I also realize I’m one person. I realize that I can change my choices but I can’t stop a terroristic threat. I’m not in the military or government. I don’t have the deciding powers to attack threats.

I realize that may sound pessimistic but I choose to continue my life that terrorists envy and not let them affect my life. When they change your life and your decisions is when they have succeeded.


What is your "worst" advice?

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