Why the “Worst” Advice?

So I don’t want to sound negative I’m not a negative person, (in fact I’m pretty positive) but “My Worst Advice” is a place where you can twist the content into your own life. Advice from one person to another is always interpreted different by the receiver than it was meant by the giver.

Without getting all philosophical on you, it’s as simple as this: I’m a young adult with a lot of growing up to still do but I’ve had a lot of different out of the norm experiences in my life thus far. From parents divorcing at a young age, dealing with teen depression, coming out to my family, and other “stuff” that seemingly gets in the way of life.

But it’s just that, that “stuff” doesn’t get in the way of life, it is life.

The advice I’m giving on this site is meant to make you think, not to direct you in life, but to make you question things about life. You see from an early age, my friends were comfortable to come to me for advice and help in sticky situations. Since then, I have realized it is a good quality to have.

I’m a deep thinker (especially about random things like, why do they call it a parkway when you drive on it and a driveway when you park on it?). I think being a deep thinker and understanding how things in the world turn is a great way to give advice and different opinions on those stick situations.

So the advice given on this blog is not to give you the “worst” case scenario but instead what my advice and thoughts are on certain situations. My advice may be the complete opposite of what you need to hear or it may be the best thing since sliced bread! But either way my opinions and advice are given based on my life experiences. Everyone should discover their own way of doing things.

This is just another way to help you think about your situation. My worst advice may have been best or worst for me at different times, but if you start off with the worst, it can only get better. Be sure to submit your own advice to be posted.


What is your "worst" advice?

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