Life’s Great! Just Say It.

When things in life go sour we curse the gods. When things go right we praise the gods. What about when things are just there? Not good or bad?

That’s when I say “Life’s great!” Literally out loud I say “Life’s great!” I do it when I’m doing routine things around the house or when I’m packing for a weekend with friends.

Saying positive things out loud really can make a difference. It has for me at least. It puts a smile on people’s face around you. At first they may think you’re being silly but after a while maybe they will catch on.

Life really is great so make it great. Tell yourself it’s great.

If you say it enough you’ll start to believe it. Screw everyone else that thinks you’re weird. They just haven’t realized how great life is yet.


What is your "worst" advice?

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